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How do you analyze a dump file for high CPU

To analyze a dump file with WinDbg for high CPU usage, follow these steps: This command will show you the threads with the highest CPU usage at the top of the list. Replace <thread_number> with the actual thread number from the !runaway output. This command will show you the functions and modules involved in the…

SOS symbol file

SOS commands are a set of debugging commands provided by the SOS Debugging Extension (SOS.dll) for use with WinDbg, Visual Studio, and other debuggers. The SOS Debugging Extension helps you debug managed code (C#, VB.NET, F#) by providing information about the internal CLR (Common Language Runtime) environment, such as details about the garbage collector, managed…

How do you configure Windbg

To configure WinDbg, follow these steps: Replace C:\Symbols with the local directory where you want to store the downloaded symbols. This configuration tells WinDbg to download symbols from the Microsoft Symbol Server and cache them in the specified local directory. For a comprehensive list of WinDbg commands, refer to the WinDbg documentation. Remember that configuring…

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