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Using Auto-Heal to Capture Memory Dumps for Slow Requests

Azure auto heal is a powerful tool that can be used to capture vital information for any issues that may occur with your web applications. Every web app will eventually encounter some kind of issue, slowness, downtimes and the dreaded “intermittent issue”. With auto-heal you can mitigate the problem and even gather additional information to…

Modifying Azure Web.config to capture failed requests

How FREB ( Failed Request Tracing) works: When you enable FREB it will monitor every request and store the information in memory. If the trigger is not hit, it will drop the information stored in memory. When the trigger you have configured is hit (ie 500, .aspx page, ect) it will write the info out to…

Azure Memory Management and App Service plans

When you create an app in App Service, it is put into an App Service plan. When the app runs, it runs on all the VM instances configured in the App Service plan. If multiple apps are in the same App Service plan, they all share the same VM instances. If you have multiple deployment…

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