Azure Diagnostic Logging

Eventually, all web applications will encounter issues and need to be debugged. Azure provides a set of powerful tools and logs that can provide invaluable information. Enable application logging (Windows) Select On for either Application Logging (Filesystem) or Application Logging (Blob), or both. The Filesystem option is for temporary debugging purposes, and turns itself off in 12 hours. The Blob option is for long-termContinue reading “Azure Diagnostic Logging”

Azure Pro-Active CPU Monitoring

Pro-Active CPU monitoring is a powerful tool that can mitigate high CPU issues with your cloud applications without any involvement from administrators. You can configure CPU rules to temporarily mitigate a high CPU issue until the real cause for the unexpected issue is found. Additionally, Pro-Active CPU monitoring can also capture a dump file toContinue reading “Azure Pro-Active CPU Monitoring”

Azure Auto-heal

Azure auto heal is a powerful tool that can be used to mitigate and capture vital information for any issues that may occur with your web applications. Every web app will eventually encounter some kind of issue, slowness, downtimes and the dreaded “intermittent issue”. With auto-heal you can mitigate the problem and even gather additionalContinue reading “Azure Auto-heal”